Using TraceME at an expo

Tracking people at events

A large organization that regularly sets up technology events for international visitors, wants to map which routes visitors take during events. At a trade fair, for example, this can provide useful information about the number of visitors to individual stands. Data such as number of visitors per booth, how many people are there at the same time, how long the booth was visited, can all then be retrieved. Other examples of events are, for example, study days or trade fairs that the organization organizes for external parties.
The TraceME N1C2 is extremely suitable for this because of its smart software and small dimensions;
Positioning is based on RF and GPS. Only LoRa connection and rechargeable battery via micro usb. We have designed a custom enclosure that can be charged via micro usb.
This keychain contains GPS and a Bluetooth chip, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, barometer and humidity/temperature sensor. LoRa enabled connectivity, usb charging

Without GPS it is possible to determine the position of visitors indoors with a small and rechargeable device.

This makes it easy to map out traffic flows at your event and perform optimizations based on them.