TraceME is the affordable alternative to SCADA solutions

To measure is to know
A deep understanding of your production process is essential for streamlining production, analyzing and optimizing profits. The benefits are clear, but a SCADA solution can be quite costly. 
Track and trace everything you want to know about your production process with KCS TraceME as an affordable alternative to a SCADA solution.
SCADA, short for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, is the collection, transmission, processing and visualization of measurement and control signals from various machines in large industrial systems. Each large or small company where industrial measurement and control equipment can improve the production process.
An optimization of the production process by linking, collecting and processing the data produced by the machines.
A TraceME can be linked to any sensor and read out and send data remotely.
Our custom software is so flexible that it can be integrated with virtually all systems. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.
Streamlined production = more effeciency = better cost handling = optimized profit