Waste container fill-grade monitoring

Our customer is a modern waste management & processor, which collects various waste flows for companies and individuals, after which it is processed in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our customer wants to expand its position as ‘the greenest’ waste processor. With more than 11,000 operational “above-ground containers” at customers, the management of assets and waste flows is essential.
If these containers can be equipped with sensors and connected to the internet, they can see the real-time status of the containers. The sensors optimise container utilization, by detecting when the containers need to be emptied. Pick-up and maintenance scheduling and invoicing process van be more transparent for the customer and reduces the pressure on the administrative organization.

TraceME offers an intelligent module (P1A5) equipped with LoRa, GPS and laser distance sensor. The sensor can detect the amount of waste inside the container and transmits the info to any network server.
By implementing TraceME modules into the smart waste bins and containers and connecting them to the LoRa network, a complete waste management solution of smart bins, truck drivers and back-office is created. The data is securely stored in data centres.

Thanks to the use of the total IoT-solution, more and more business assets can be followed and monitored in real time in an economically profitable way. A smart asset base leads to (cost) efficient and transparent services for organization, partners and customers.
Working smarter and more efficiently is becoming increasingly important. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions can help you with this. IoT offers a wealth of possibilities to organize your processes more efficiently, to improve your customer service and to realize new revenue models.