Asset tracking in large factory

The site of a car manufacturer covers 6km2. The problem they have is that the various parts for cars are delivered at different times. Therefore, sometimes a car in production is waiting somewhere for a part or an extra check.
During the production process these cars can be parked anywhere on the premises, inside or outside, and then it is often a problem to search for where this car is located and what finishing or research still needs to be done on that particular car.
In the production halls there is no range of the GPS signal so an alternative way of localization had to be used.
To track the cars during the production process we made a custom enclosure that fits into the cup holder of a car. In the warehouse they connect to the RF network and therefore they can also determine their position (without the use of GPS) inside and outside the factory,. The battery life is extremely long (3 months). The status of the battery can be seen via the app. These modules are charged with induction chargers in a custom built station.
Being able to find cars faster or where a part is, means better stock management, constant quality control, shortening of the production process and therefore cost savings.