Personal GPS locater

In certain situations tracing people can be absolutely critical.
Whether it is your kids, an elderly relative, a lone worker, high-profile VIPS or even pets. They all can be located, on demand or afterwards from the log-file, with our KCS TraceME key fob. The personal tracker features three buttons that can be configured as an SOS button which instantly sends an alarm or other notifications from the TraceME Micro to a phone or server. It is all event-driven, so you can set safety regions, detect collisions. Also it is possible to have 2 way audio conversations. 
KCS TraceME Micro is the most configurable and smallest tracing device available on the market today.

What it means for you
Personnel monitoring devices make a superb companion in the case of a remote worker as their position can be ascertained at will. If danger or conflict threaten, they have the peace of mind in knowing that their location is recorded and known, and that assistance can be sent to that exact place to alleviate their situation.