Protecting persons with non-obtrusive secuity security modules

It is the most obvious use of a TraceME module. Keep discretely track of people or your properties with on-site surveillance or on the go.

When attached to your security system of e.g. cameras, motion/pressure sensor, microphone, thermometer, it essentially becomes a 24/7 security guard on site. And because the TraceME can be fitted with a wide range of batteries, it has a very durable life span. With geofencing you can automate security and sent alerts when certain events occur based on the subject location. TraceME offers a user-friendly solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your family, pets or what is most precious to you! 

Discrete security means preventing possible threats. being traceable and safe. With the longest possible battery life it is dependable for even months without recharge. TraceME can be set to alert in the case of alarm via SMS, GSM, GPRS, Wi-Fi, RFID, 3G, etc.. For security on the go, the TraceME Micro is tiny enough to be concealed in very small boxes so it works well in a retail environment too.

Personnel monitoring devices make a superb companion in the case of a remote worker as their position can be ascertained at will.
If danger or conflict threaten, they have the peace of mind in knowing that their location is recorded and known, and that assistance can be sent to that exact place to alleviate their situation.