Real-time update of vending machines

Connecting TraceME with vending machines
Your TraceME equipped vending machine can give you a real-time update of it is inventory and sales of that day. Plan ahead if it will be meaningful to service the machine on the next service route or not. It can alarm you when a hatch is opened, when a collision is detected, the power falls out or when the temperature drops below a certain point. Other possibilities would be to update the price of the items on sale or do a remote reset of the machine if needed. What about changing the advertisement on a display? Or do a firmware update? If you can think it, the TraceME can be configured to do it.


Our client supplies the coffee supply for many business customers. This service consists of supplying one or more coffee machines on location, the associated products such as coffee beans and the cleaning and maintenance of the machines.

Customer request

In addition, our customer wants to provide insight to his customers on the use of the machine on a daily basis. How many cups are drunk, which types of coffee are favorite and is the machine still functioning properly? Should there be topping up or is maintenance required?


To make this possible, a TraceME is connected inside the machine. Data can now be read remotely and that data can then be loaded from the TraceME module into a management application.


Our customer can now read and operate all his devices remotely. In this way a better service can be provided because information about refilling, malfunctions or maintenance becomes available earlier. Our customers' customers also gain better insight into their use, making costs more transparent and predictable. In this way the TraceME equipped machine has realized the following:

  • An innovative product with more added value than the competition
  • Better quality; proactively solving faults and plans for maintenance
  • Greater customer satisfaction; the customer can settle on the basis of actual use

What does it mean for you?

By implementing TraceME into a vending machine, complete remote monitoring and control can be achieved.
Remote diagnostics, maintenance parameters and remote commissioning/decommissioning is possible.