Tracking drones with GPS and GPRS

TraceME is very small, lightweight and has the online connection to track and trace your drone. The smallest TraceME only weighs 3 gram (without casing or battery) and therefor is an ideal addition above most bigger GPS trackers.

Tracking the flight path of the drone for future referencing or recovering it when lost with a long period of time to recover it. You can do this with adding a TraceME module to your drone. There are advanced drones that have built-in GPS systems but detachable tracking devices are more popular. That’s because built-in GPS trackers depend on having battery life. If your drone lands because of low battery power, then chances are your built-in GPS will be worthless. Batteries also often fall out during crashes. It is like a black box for your drone, but with real-time connectivity and a very long battery life. Never loose your valuable drone again.

An attachable GPS tracker will help you keep track of the drone. Using a GPS drone tracking device you can recover your drone by utilizing;

  • Web based tracking systems.
  • Apps on your smart phone.
  • Manual pinging to find the coordinates of the craft.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Ulta low power consumtion.