Extreme Sports Tracking & Safety

There are a number of Extreme Sports that requires you to travel across some sort of terrain. Para-gliding, Snowboarding/Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, Radio Controlled Airplanes, Running/Cross Country Running and Boating are some examples of these extremes sports. If you would like to track your path and performance during the sport, all you need to do is carry a TraceME device with you.

TraceME is designed to attach to your surfboard, skis, and snowboard. Once mounted, the device measures speed (max, period, and average), length of ride, number of turns, biggest turn in degrees, paddle distance, number of airs/jumps and air time.  The internal re-chargeable battery can power the unit for up to X hours on standby & provides continuous tracking up to X hours. It uses mobile networks to communicate on land & up to several Kilometres off-shore, and sends instant 'SOS' alerts using the panic button.