Connecting your TraceME with the world of social media

Sometimes you want to share your location with the world. Twitter and Facebook are two social media which are currently supported for outputting all of the harvested data from TraceME. Via SMS or POST data it is possible to send messages to your audience through the status updates on the main social networks. 
One example could be when you drive a diner truck and you want to update your clientele about your current position or during lunch hours.

TraceME provides near real-time tracking, including notifications based on geo-boundaries, speed, and sudden impact or acceleration. TraceME open API provides unlimited potential for the companion development of utilities, services, games, and interaction with social media. Internal development of many of these software apps and extensions allow for additional revenue generation.

  • Real engagement.
  • Location/event sensitive real-time chatbots.
  • Real-time sensor/event triggering updates.
  • All kind of sensors, advanced connnectitivy.